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Inside Takeover Culture

Inside Takeover Culture

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Every weekend in Los Angeles, groups of thrill seeking car enthusiast will takeover back lots, streets and even interstate by doing donuts and burnouts.  


The adrenaline rush comes from not only participating in this exhibitionist behavior, but also the thrill of drawing attention from police only to escape them and live to drive another day 

The legacy left by Kobe Bryant can be seen walking on to any street-ball court in LA. Kobe's "Mamba Mentality" is something that people will continue to emulate in the generations after his passing.


One Venice Beach native says that he owes much to the late Kobe Bean Bryant. He that the "Mamba Mentality" is why he goes hard in every aspect of his life. He's thankful that Kobe's memory will live on through his love of the game.